Photo: Shipping International


Mexico’s total exports amounted to $39.632 billion in August, representing a drop of 4.58 percent compared to the previous month, its biggest drop in 15 months, according to seasonally adjusted data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

The nation’s imports also decreased in August to $42.829 billion, down 3.36 percent compared to the comparable figures for July.

Overall, Mexico’s trade deficit increased by 14.83 percent, to $3.196 billion.

Non-oil exports dropped 4.48 percent in August, hand-in-hand with a 4.98 percent decrease in manufacturing.

The August drop in Mexican manufacturing exports could not be offset by increases of 3.43 percent in agricultural goods and 1.65 percent in extractive goods.

Meanwhile, sales of oil and oil byproducts fell by 6 percent in the August due to price fluctuations.

The imports that suffered the worst decreases were consumer goods, falling 6.32 percent in August, followed by intermediate-use goods, down 2.98 percent, and capital goods, down 2.53 percent.

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