Part of a mural commissioned by Saba by Mexican artist Yim Miyaki. Photo: Saba


According to a recent study, 40 percent of Mexican women are ashamed of their monthly menstrual cycle and are uncomfortable talking to their partner about their periods.

The study, conducted by Saba, a leading feminine hygiene and intimate health company, also showed that 26 percent of Mexican women feel that the should not complain about pain during their period, and 22 percent are embarrassed by the smell of menstrual blood and feel obliged to apologize to their partner for the odor.

The findings, which were presented by Saba during an online media conference last week, were part of a Global V Taboo Tracker Report organized by Saba in order to identify taboos and myths on women’s health issues.

During the press conference, Saba spokespersons said that the company is committed to “continually breaking social barriers for the wellbeing of women” by promoting the elimination of myths and taboos associated with menstruation.

Saba’s internet platform also shared the results of online surveys of men and women in seven countries, including Mexico, with the objective of helping to positively impact the conversation about the female reproductive system.

During the press conference, Saba also unveiled a mural by Mexican artist Yim Miyaki on Calle Diagonal Patriotismo in Mexico City’s Colonia Condesa that focuses on female menstrual cycles and reproductive health.

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