According to a new report published by the ​​Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, Mexico is the fourth-most crime-ridden country in the world for illicit trades like drug and weapon trafficking, and takes the position of possessing the most intricate human trafficking network throughout North and South America.

In its overall ranking, the Global Organized Crime Index designated Mexico, at a 7.57 rating, just shy of Colombia’s 7.67, more than two-and-a-half full points above the Americas’ average of 4.88.

Mexico’s trafficking of cocaine and other synthetic drugs received a high nine out of 10 rating, quickly followed by the smuggling of people, weapons, cannabis and heroin.

“The Mexican human trafficking market is the largest and most sophisticated in the region of the Americas,” said the report, noting its disruption by border regulations meant to curb the spread of the covid-19 pandemic. “The result of this is that there are presently fewer victims at a higher value.” 

“Traffickers from southern Mexico tend to be members of the local community, who traffic individuals in cars, trucks or trailers, while those from northeastern Mexico tend to be part of larger, organized groups that control trafficking networks,” the index report went on to say. 

The report then pointed out how Mexico’s “crimes are facilitated by corrupt authorities,” and the country’s lack of proper response mechanisms to the crime within its borders.

​​”The government lacks a coherent security strategy, and attempts to tackle corruption and organized crime are seen as highly politicized or as efforts to embarrass previous governments,” read the report’s section on Mexico.

“Structural deficiencies in the legal system hamper the ability to fight organized crime. Although the country has ratified a series of international treaties and has numerous laws, these are not applied correctly and are paralyzed by corruption.”

The index went on to say Mexico’s lack of authoritative measures against organized crime have created an ideal situation for money laundering and terrorist financing, exacerbating the issues and scaring off foreign investment.

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