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A pro-abortion march in Mexico’s City’s main plaza Zócalo on Tuesday, Sept. 28, left at least 37 people injured, according to data from the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC).

Of those hurt, 27 were police officers, four of whom required hospitalization.

A member of Mexico’s Interior Secretariat was also attacked.

Nine of the injured were civilians, of which five were women and four were men.

Most of the women reportedly demonstrated peacefully, but a small group of protestors became violent, forcefully removing blockades in front the the National Palace and attacking police officers, according to the SSC.

Using sticks and sections of the blockade, the protestors assaulted the officers, who responded with firecrackers and teargas to disperse the group.

According to the SSC, some 1,800 participated in the protest, which was controlled by 1,100 policewomen who were assigned to maintain order.

On Wednesday, Sept. 29, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), speaking during his daily morning press conference, said that he believed in peaceful protests but felt that those who resorted to violence were out of line.

AMLO also said that the media — which he famously attacks on a daily basis — was partly responsible for the violence that ensued during the protest for giving it undeserved coverage.

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