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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has a habit of going off halfcocked (so much so that one has to wonder if he even has a full one, but that’s another column altogether), but his latest plan to host a massive celebration for Mexico’s Revolution Day anniversary in the Zócalo on Nov. 20 certainly ranks among his most ludicrous ideas.

Not only is Mexico just beginning to come out of the covid-19 pandemic, but recent research has found that the Delta and Mu variants — which are now the most common forms of the virus in the country — are far more contagious than the original virus.

But, hey, AMLO says that by the end of October all eligible adult Mexicans will have at least one dose of the vaccine — make that, a vaccine, since the government is playing Russian roulette with population, randomly deciding who get a World Health Organization-approved vaccination or a try-your-luck, non-WHO-approved Chinese or Russian jab.

And since, according to Oxford University (which is keeping tabs on all covid vaccine administrations worldwide), as of Thursday, Sept. 30, only 49.17 percent of eligible Mexicans had received even one shot of the vaccine, and only 35 percent were fully vaccinated.

It seems that the National Autonomous López Obrador University (UNALP) School of Medicine (which, no doubt, has “other data”) hasn’t taken note of the fact that most vaccines require two applications to be effective, and in the case of the Pfizer vaccine, an additional booster is now required, at least for the elderly and at-risk patients.

So why is AMLO so eager to gather a crowd for a mass rally in Mexico City next month?

Well, according to him, his fans “want to see him.”

Apparently, two hours of supererogatory spiel a day in the form of a so-called press conference is not enough of an AMLO fix for the millions of López Obrador addicts in the country.

So after a year and a half of events without a live audience (other than his faithful crew of proselytes disguised as journalists) due to the pandemic, López Obrador plans to hold a national covid fest come Nov. 20.

And for those who cannot make their way to the nation’s capital for the grand extravaganza, AMLO plans to hold giant celebrations in all the central plazas of all the towns and cities of Mexico, “open to whoever wants to attend.”

Just to be clear, the celebration will mark Mexico’s Revolution Day, but maybe the president should rethink his plans and schedule his anti-social-distancing festival for Nov. 1.

After all, that date seems more appropriate, given that that is Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

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