PAN, PRD Call out PRI for Not Blocking Electric Reform

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Mexico’s National Action Party (PAN) and Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), which, along with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) make up the Va Por México coalition, called out the PRI for not presenting further roadblocks to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) electric reform alongside them in a private meeting held on Monday, Oct. 4.

The meeting took place in Mexico City between the PRI, PAN and PRD’s respective parliamentary coordinators, Rubén Moreira, Jorge Romero and Luis E. Cházaro, and the parties’ presidents, Alejandro Moreno , Marko Cortés and Jesús Zambrano, where they discussed the electric reform and Va Por México’s continued union into 2022’s elections.

While the PAN and PRD officials requested the meeting, the PRI representatives allegedly made it clear to their Va Por México counterparts that they would wait to assess the full merits of the proposed reform before making any conclusive decision on the party’s stance.

“We are very concerned about the electric reform proposal because it closes the door to the generation of clean energy, it seeks to close the contracts already in existence, it does not encourage necessary competition and, therefore, I clearly say that the PAN will be against the proposal presented by AMLO,” said Cortés in a statement.

For his part, Zambrano Grijalva said passing the reform would be “a historical setback that Mexicans will pay for.”

The following day, López Obrador used Oct. 5’s iteration of his daily morning press conference to encourage the PRI to take the “opportunity to define itself” with the electric reform.


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