The aftermath of Mexico City’s Line 12 crash on May 3. Photo: Google


Mexico City Attorney General (FGJ-CDMX) Ernestina Godoy Ramos issued a report on Thursday, Oct. 14, on the results of the investigation of the May 3 collapse in a section of Line 12 of the capital’s Metro system, stating that the accident was due to construction errors.

Speaking at a press conference, Godoy Ramos said that, “after a rigorous and scientific investigation,” her office had concluded that the flaws that led to the collapse included an insufficient installation of shear bolts, an inadequate design of vertical pokers in the diaphragm area, a union between skid torn mainly due to poor quality welds, and a buckling between the skid and beam.

She also said that there had not been any failure in terms of maintenance since the flaws were already built into the system from its construction.

Godoy Ramos made it clear that the Mexico City government will give priority to repairing the damages and attending to the victims, and that no current government officials will be held responsible for the collapse that killed 25 people.

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