Mexican Federal Electricity Commission Director Manuel Bartlett Díaz. Photo: Google


Just one day after Mexico’s head of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), Manuel Bartlett, claimed that private-sector energy providers would not be compensated for contracts potentially cancelled by the country’s proposed electricity reform, National Regeneration Movement (Morena) Senator Ricardo Monreal on Saturday, Oct. 16, urged the CFE and its officials to remain “prudent” about the goals of the reform.

During an Oct. 15 public press conference concerning the changes, Bartlett had said that “contracts are going to be canceled and they are not going to be compensated; they are over.”

“There is no compensation here because it will be a decision of the Mexican Constitution,” said Bartlett at the time. “So no, we are not going to compensate them.”

As Morena’s opposition parties, whose numbers are needed to pass a constitutional reform, remain reluctant to endorse the changes, Monreal took to social media to attempt damage control for Barlett’s potentially polarizing words.

“The public servants of the CFE and other institutions are obliged to maintain modesty and prudence, waiting for the legislature to decide on the constitutional modifications that have been proposed to it,” wrote Monreal on Twitter. “We must act responsibly and congruently.”

Monreal had previously stated his openness to collaborate with other parties to modify the electricity reform to ensure its passage, standing in contradiction to Barlett’s own statements.

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