New York hairstylist Michael Johnson blows out a clients hair for a easy-to-maintain natural look. Pulse News Mexico photo/Thérèse Margolis



After 30 years of working his magic on catwalks and high-end celebrity clients, New York hairstylist Michael Johnson has given up the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple in exchange for the hustle and bustle of Mexico City.

On Wednesday, Oct. 13, Johnson, a Los Angeles native who grew up in Chicago before consolidating his brand in New York City, opened his first Mexican salon on Avenida Horacio in Mexico City’s upscale Colonia Polanco.

But the two-story salon, appropriately named Salon by Michael Johnson, which offers a variety of services, including haircuts and coloring, as well as treatments and nailcare, is just the beginning for Johnson in Mexico.

In the near future, he also intends to open a beauty school to teach the latest avant-garde hair design techniques to the next generation of hairstylists.

“I love Mexico,” Johnson told Pulse News Mexico during the opening reception of his new salon.

“I first came here nine years ago, and fell in love with the country, as well as a Mexican.”

That Mexican, physician Mario Aguascalientes, is now Johnson’s husband and business partner.

Johnson said that he has always admired the innate style and elegance of Mexican women, but that he felt, when it comes to hair, they tend to focus more on color than on cut.

“A great cut can make a major difference, and accentuate color choices,” he said.

“I believe in wash-and-wear hair, cuts that look great straight out of the shower.”

It is that wash-and-wear, natural style that Johnson wants to impart to his customers, who are always the center of attention at his salon, having both the stylist and the manicurist move to accommodate them, rather than having the client move from station to station.

“I want every person who walks into my salon to feel like a princess, and to leave loving their hair. That’s what hairstyling is supposed to be about.”

More Information

Salon by Michael Johnson is located at Avenida Horacio 907, in Colonia Polanco (tel: 55-2875-1895 and 55-2875-1896). Appointments can also be made on the salon’s website. Salon by Michael Johnson is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, by appointment only.



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