The aftermath of Mexico City’s May 13 Line 12 crash. Photo: Google


On Monday, Oct. 18, Mexico City’s Office of the Attorney General (FGJ) filed a formal complaint for wrongful death with the Superior Court of Justice (TSJCDMX) against 10 former public officials tied to the May 3 collapse of capital’s Line 12 metro, all who served under current Secretary of Foreign Relations and former Mexico City Mayor at the time of Line 12’s construction Marcelo Ebrard.

The defendants will likewise face charges concerning wrongful injury and wrongful property damage charges for their role in the development, construction and opening of Line 12, as the May crash resulted in the deaths of 26 persons and the injury of 79 others.

The indictment includes Enrique Horcasitas, former director of the Metro Project under Ebrard, as well as several officials that currently work in the administration of Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum, like the capital’s Secretary of Works and Services Jesús Antonio Esteva Medina.

Flaws in Line 12 have been apparent since its 2012 inauguration, with some 11,000-plus failures being detected just one year after its opening, though Horcasitas repeatedly denied any issues with the so-called “Golden Line.”

“The service that the Metro is providing is very satisfactory,” said Horcasitas at the time. “What is considered absolutely normal has been presented, simply the occasional failure.”

Horcasitas has since eaten his own words, as 2021’s Line 12 collapse was determined by independent investigators to have been caused by shoddy construction by companies contracted by project officials like Horcasitas himself.


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