Photo: Fiscal General de la República


If there is anything that distinguishes Mexico’s federal judicial system under President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) it is a lack of any semblance of real justice.

Led by AMLO buddy Alejandro Gertz Manero — who famously (or better said, infamously) has repeatedly tried to jail his 94-year-old sister-in-law on charges of murder of his brother, who died of chronic heart failure at the age of 85 in the ABC Medical Center in 2015, and who is still trying to imprison 31 scientists, researchers and academics on trumped up charges because they dared to point out that Gertz Manero plagiarized entire passages of his professional thesis — the Attorney General’s Office (FDR) once again showed its incompetency and disregard for Mexican law when it arrested former Interjet finance director Luis Alejandro Beristáin Mercado on Saturday, Oct. 16, only to have to release him four days later when it turned out that its case against him was full of holes.

To begin with, the FGR was charging Beristáin Mercado with crimes of corporate tax evasion allegedly committed by the airline in July 2020.

The only problem is that Beristáin Mercado resigned from his Interjet post back in September 2017.

Apparently, someone within the company had used Beristáin Mercado’s electronic signature to commit the alleged tax fraud, but that was enough to set off the FGR’s Federal District Attorney Carlos Romero Aranda to immediately issue an arrest warrant for the former Interjet employee.

Under Gertz Manero, the FGR has a developed a policy of arrest first and check your facts later, which basically translates to presume everyone is guilty until they can prove themselves otherwise.

Sadly, this administration has turned Mexico’s judicial system into an international laughing stock and a government-sponsored terrorist organization that randomly dispenses arrest warrants against anyone who crosses the powers that be.


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