Photo: Damian Sanchez/Xinhua


The Mexican government will deal prudently with the latest migrant caravan with thousands of Haitian and Central American migrants advancing toward the country’s capital and even the United States, Mexican Foreign Roegin Relations (SRE)Marcelo Ebrard said Monday, Oct. 25.

“We will act … with prudence and respect for human rights,” Ebrard said at a press conference, adding that the Mexican authorities will be careful to avoid any conflict, as there are many children in the caravan.

He also reiterated Mexico’s call for a “fundamental solution” to mass migration driven by poverty and violence, and highlighted agreements reached with the United States to address the issues. including investment in southern Mexico and Central American countries.

The migrant caravan, comprised of between 2,000 and 3,000 people, continued on Monday its advance through the southern Mexican state of Chiapas towards Mexico City, after having forced its way past a blockade of National Guardsmen in riot gear with plastic shields in Tapachula on Saturday, Oct. 23.

They said that their objective is to regularize their immigration status.

As of Tuesday, Oct. 26, the caravan, which includes many women and children, had traveled more than 25 kilometers north, with the National Institute of Migration (INM) and Mexican National Guard members accompanying it following the confrontation on Saturday that failed to prevent the migrants’ advance.

The two state agencies contained and broke up some other caravans between August and September.

Those operations were intended to protect the migrants’ rights and prevent them from being exposed to greater dangers, such as kidnappings by criminal gangs, said Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

Between January and August of this year, government authorities have registered 147,000 undocumented migrants in Mexico, according to the INM.

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