Government Budget ‘Shields’ Mexico from Foreign Litigation

Photo: Deposit Photos


In a move on Tuesday, Oct. 27, Mexico’s Secretariat of Finance dedicated 154.7 million pesos in budget to the General Directorate of Legal Consulting for International Trade of the Secretariat of the Economy, to be used during 2022 to defend the country against potential litigation from outside countries.

The International Trade Legal Consultancy likewise provides advice and counsel to the Secretariat on subjects like international lawsuits and treaty negotiations, leading experts in the financial field to believe Mexico is anticipating possible upcoming litigation, potentially surrounding the country’s energy reforms and its new auto-origin dispute with the United States.

If approved, this budget would be nearly four times higher than its 2021 budget of 40.9 million pesos, and the second-largest budget since 2020’s 157 million peso fund.

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