Morena Pushes through Full 2022 Budget Proposal

Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies. Photo: Google


On Wednesday, Nov. 10, Mexico’s in-power National Regeneration Movement (Morena) and its allies passed the country’s proposed 2022 budget through Congress without any financial reductions, despite the opposition’s request for such, in a 274 to 219 split vote.

The move will see 7.08 billion pesos allotted for all of Mexico’s expenditures in the upcoming year, controversially allocating a large portion of the sum to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) personal pet projects, like the Tren Maya, the Santa Lucía Airport and the under-construction refinery in Dos Bocas, Tamaulipas.

“The only results from this budget are once again inequality and poverty,” said Deputy of the opposing Party of Institutional Revolution (PRI) Rubén Moreira, noting the budget’s failure to work on Mexico’s infrastructure issues or solve various other already-existing problems.

Now, the budget will go to debate for four days within the Chamber of Deputies to review the opposition’s 1,994 reservations to the proposal.

Likewise, members from PRI and its alliance warned that ramming the spending proposal through without compromise will not bode well for future reforms and legislation, including the upcoming vote on AMLO’s electricity reform.

“What we ask of Morena is that the discussion be opened, that they don’t bulldoze us, that they do not accept a budget without moving a comma, and that the nation’s budget be discussed,” said conservative National Action Party (PAN) President Marko Cortés.


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