Health Secretary: Mexico Facing Fourth Covid Wave, but Don’t Tell the Press


Mexican Public Health Secretary Jorge Alcocer Varela. Photo:


Apparently oblivious to the fact that his words were streaming live on the internet Friday, Nov, 19, Mexican Public Health (SSA) Secretary Jorge Alcocer Varela told attendees to the International Congress of Mental Health in Acapulco that indicators suggest that Mexico will soon enter a fourth wave of covid-19 infections.

“Today, we are seeing early signs of a fourth wave, but I don’t want this leaked to the press so that the media will later quote me as saying this or that,” he said.

“The press is always bending and distorting the truth. But we do have to be careful about what we already know (about the pandemic).”

Covid fourth wave or not, Alcocer Varela is clearly facing a potential pandemic of negative news coverage.


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