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Soft and cuddly are in.

It’s all about magic, and after nearly two years of lockdown, facial masks and social distancing, we all need a little magic.

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Cartoon wizardry and cute little animated characters are part of the new feel-good advertising model, and a lot of smart companies both in Mexico and around the globe are revamping their corporate images (and hopefully their market shares) by cashing in on consumers’ newfound desire for dopamine-inspiring purchases.

Here are a couple of unexpected but happy corporate marriages that are sure to send customers on a spending streak.

Enchanted Electrical Goods

In an unlikely but definitely charming collaboration, the Mexico-based domestic and industrial appliances company Koblenz has teamed up with Disney for a mutual promotion of Koblenz’ vast household line and Walt Disney Animation Studio’s new film “Encanto,” which launched in theaters worldwide on Wednesday, Nov. 24.

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The two companies premiered an “enchanting” (encanto in English means “enchanted”) showroom of Koblenz products with true Madrigal family style (the Madrigals are the stars of “Encanto”) inside a stately UNESCO World Heritage Site home in Mexico City’s scenic Colonia Roma on Tuesday, Nov. 16.

In keeping with the Encanto theme, the entire house was decorated with bouquets of colorful flowers to mimic the Casita home of the Madrigal family. And between the flowers and other “Encanto” décor, the premises served as a hands-on exhibit of some of Koblenz’s newest and most innovative products, from super vacuums that deep clean with steam while at the same time purifying the ambient air to stain-busting washing machines with water- and energy-saving features.

The objective of the Koblenz-Disney marriage was to show how a well-functioning home can be an enchanted home, and all it takes to make a house well-functioning (at least in terms of its technology) is the magic of quality products like those that Koblenz offers.

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And to help strengthen the linking of the two otherwise unrelated companies, Koblenz and Disney are offering a promotional online competition to win a five-day, all-expenses-included trip to Jardin, Colombia (where the Madrigal family supposedly lives), for a family of four that includes cooking and dance classes. The competition is open to the public through Dec. 31.

Koblenz has been around since 1959 and currently has a portfolio of more than 100 products, available in 27 countries around the globe, including in Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.

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“Encanto” is Walt Disney Animation Studio’s 60th film, and is as magical and beguiling as its first, ]”Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” which it produced in 1937.

Energized Plushies

Energizer Batteries is also jumping on the caressible-and-snuggly bandwagon through a team-up with Universal Pictures/Illumination Studios’ computer-animated musical comedy “Sing 2” (as if the Energizer Bunny with his never-ending drum parade were not cute enough).

Through the end of the year, Energizer is giving away a free “Sing 2” plushie with every Energizer Max or Energizer Max Plus battery purchase.

And by the way, Energizer Max and Energizer Max Plus are the brand’s longest-lasting alkaline batteries, so they will keep on going and going, just like that bunny.

Photo: Energizer

Once you’ve purchased your batteries, these oh-so-cute huggables — including the ultra-optimistic koala Buster Moon — are just a click away when you load your batteries’ package barcode and receipt, along with your email and physical mailing information, onto the company webpage.

As soon as your email has been verified, Buster or another member of the “Sing 2” gang will be on their way to you to help you get your own musical groove on.


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