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Take to the Skies


The year is finally wrapping up and its time to forget about work and worries, log off your computer and give yourself some much-needed vacation time.

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With most of us now fully vaccinated against covid-19 and travel restrictions easing both inside Mexico and worldwide, pack up and head out for a holiday adventure.

Travel isn’t just fun and exciting; there’s plenty of research to suggest it’s highly beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional health as well.

In fact, according to a joint study from the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, travel actually keeps you healthier, and women who vacation at least twice a year show a significantly lower risk of suffering a heart attack than those who only travel every six years or so.

Moreover, a recent Cornell University study found that experience a direct increase in happiness from just planning a vacation.

So whether you opt for a road trip or take to the skies, now is your time for relaxation and adventure.

Ibizian Luggage

No doubt about it, Guadalajara-based handbag and accessory designer Jaime Ibiza is on a roll this year.

Photo: Jaime Ibiza

After making up for lost time (and sales) during the pandemic with a double-whammy release of two new back-to-back collections in October and November (the elegant Iconos and super-fun Looney Tune lines, respectively), he is ending the year with yet another release, a selection of sleek, take-anywhere carry-on luggage and toiletry bags.

The new travel collection — Ibiza’s first in the genre — includes a trendy but chic hard-shell carry-on suitcase with a stylish hard-shell exterior made of durable polycarbonate to resist breakage and scratches, as well as a stately faux leather bag with the classic Ibiza cloverleaf crest.

Both bag styles come with spacious, fully-lined interiors with large U-shaped zipper pockets that allow for double-sided packing.

Photo: Jaime Ibiza

They also have four-wheel spinners that rotates 360 degrees for smooth transit, making it easy to zip through airports and other terminals.

And to make sure that your makeup, jewelry and grooming items arrive safely, Ibiza has also created a beautiful selection of cosmetic and toiletry bags that mix and match with the carry-ons, so you can travel in style and luxury wherever you go.

Keep it Light!

This is great advice when it comes to packing, especially with so many airlines cracking down on excess weight and even subjecting carry-ons to scale checks.

But it also applies to holiday partying.

Photo: Riunité

Heavy alcohol consumption can be a bummer, not only for the consumer but for the company they keep, and no one enjoys a hangover the morning after.

So instead of opting for a heavy gin tonic before dinner or a rum and Coke at the disco later in the evening, why not choose a versatile, light and airy wine like Riunité — the best-selling brand in Mexico — with a light, fruity flavor (the red Riunité Lambrusco tastes like a virtual burst of fresh strawberries) that can be drunk alone, served with dinner or mixed into a not-so-potent cocktail.

A product of Italy’s lush Emilia-Romagna region, an effervescent fizz gives Riunité Lambrusco an elegant, champagne-like quality, and its slightly sweet, berry flavor makes it a perfect choice for sangria-making.

Photo: Riunité

This ulta-affordable wine also comes in a delicious Rosé, with a balanced combination of fruit and floral overtones that are ideal for pairing with Mexican cuisine, accompanying cheese and wine get-togethers, or even serving with dessert.

And Riunité’s velvety, bubbly, amber-hued Moscato is versatile enough to serve as an apéritif or as the finalé of a three-wine supper. Its light, refreshing taste is nothing short of summer in a glass.

In keeping with a tradition established by Riunité three years ago, during the holiday season the company is offering special, festive edition bottles of both Lambrusco and Rosé, making them ideal holiday gifts.



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