Mexico to Discontinue Covid Forms for Air Travelers

Photo: Google


Mexico’s covid-19 czar, Public Health Undersecretary Hugo López-Gatell, said Tuesday, Dec. 7, that the country will soon stop requiring international visitors to fill in questionnaires regarding their health on arrival in the country.

López-Gatell said that there is no evidence that this measure, which was implemented earlier this year by the Communications and Transportation Secretariat (SCT) to try to curb the spread of covid (SCT), has in any way reduced infections in Mexico.

“We have seen that there is no use in trying to stop the entry of viruses into any territory defined by its national border” ​​he said.

“This is no scientific evidence that the measure is useful in controlling the spread of covid..”

López-Gatell did not say exactly when the measure would be eliminated, but did stress that it would be “very soon, perhaps before the month is out.”

He also said that the Mexican government has ruled out requiring international travelers to show proof of covid vaccinations when entering the country.

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