Rosario Robles’ Daughter Files Rights Violation against Gertz

Mariana Moguel, daughter of imprisoned former Mexican Social Development (Sedesol) Secretary Rosario Robles. Photo: Google


Mariana Moguel, daughter of imprisoned former Mexican Social Development (Sedesol) Secretary Rosario Robles — who has been held without trial since August 2019 at the behest of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) for alleged involvement in the so-called Mater Fraud of some 5 billion pesos — filed a legal complaint on Wednesday, Dec. 15, against Mexican Attorney General (FGR) Alejandro Gertz Manero through his own office, claiming that Gertz has carried out an ongoing media campaign against her mother, thus violating her presumption of innocence and putting Robles’ safety at risk.

Moguel presented the complaint before the FGR’s Prosecutor’s Office, denouncing Gertz and the federal prosecutors for publicly proclaiming Robles’ guilt before she has even been granted the right to a free trial.

“It is evident that in the present case the various public servants of the FGR, and the Public Ministry agents who have dubbed my mother as the leader of a criminal organization (whose names I do not know because they are not disclosed to the public), as well as the Attorney General of the Republic, Mr. Alejandro Gertz Manero, are united … with the purpose of carrying out a media campaign and publicly reviling the image of my mother, Rosario Robles,” read the complaint.

“In other words, the FGR officials are in collusion to unjustly and unduly injure the right to the presumption of innocence that corresponds to the person of my mother.”

The FGR identified Robles as the leader of a criminal organization when it presented her accusations against María de la Luz Vargas Vargas, former Sedesol deputy general director of integration of registrations, and Luis Antonio Valenciano Zapata, representative of the Feyrray real estate firm.

Moguel pointed out that despite her continued detention, Robles has not been convicted of any crime, and for public judicial officials to refer to her as guilty defames and endangers her family.

She said that because the public has been led to believe that the family has at least some of the allegedly missing funds, they have been exposed to potential kidnappings and extortion.

“The FGR personnel statements violate and harm the human rights of my mother and the undersigned, without Attorney General Alejandro Gertz Manero having taken any action to refute or correct the claims of the personnel under his charge,” the complaint read.

“In other words, knowing how harmful the expressions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office were, the head of the office failed to take any action to correct the flagrant and evident violation of human rights to the detriment of my mother.”

Moguel also said that the attacks on her mother have been used by the AMLO administration to falsely justify its claims that it is combatting corruption in Mexico.


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