Insurance Companies Limit Covid Coverage for Unvaccinated

Photo: NPR


Several major Mexican insurance companies announced this week that they will no longer cover covid-19 patients who have not received at least one dose of the vaccine against the disease.

Sura, for example, stated that as of Jan. 10, any insured person of legal age who does not have at least one dose of the vaccine against covid-19 will not be covered by the company since they will now be considered as high risk.

Meanwhile, Axa said it is limiting coverage for unvaccinated clients to a sum 300,000 pesos.

“Getting vaccinated is the most effective way to end the pandemic,” said Héctor Sobrino, director of Axa´s heath claims department.

GNP, the nation’s largest private insurer, said that it will continue to provide full coverage to its policyholders, regardless of their vaccine status, although it strongly encourages its users to get vaccinated.

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