Palacio de Hierro Launches New Year, New You Campaign

Photo: Palacio de Hierro


Palacio de Hierro department stores across Mexico launched a new holistic health, body and beauty campaign on Thursday, Jan. 13, which includes wellness, personal care and gastronomy.

The campaign — aimed at the entire Totalmente Palacio community and titled Este Año Seré… (This Year I Will Be….) — is intended to help Mexico’s premiere department store’s clients to achieve a better quality of life through healthier lifestyle choices.

Since the start of the year is traditionally a time for self-improvement resolutions, Palacio de Hierro has designed a storewide program the can help its clients to become more consistant in the exercise plans, diet and skincare routines.

The program can be tailored to the specific goals of each client, and include 21-day itineraries to ensure better compliance and follow-through.

Most psychologists and social scientists believe that if a person commits to a goal or activity for 21 days in a row, it is easier for them to make it a daily habit.

After three weeks, the activity should become habitual, and if the person continues to do it for another 90 days, it should become a permanent lifestyle change.

Consequently, Palacio de Hierro has developed coaching teams in three realms — beauty, sports and diet — to help guide and motivate participants to adapt habitual changes that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Clients are invited to meet with the coaches for one-on-one guidance and personal dialogues to define their individual challenges in the search for a better version of themselves, whether in sports, food or beauty.

Throughout January, the department store is also offering special motivational weekend events at its Polanco, Santa Fe, Satélite, Perisur and Durango locations in Mexico City, which include spinning classes, boxing courses and athletic workouts, as well as an Aristopet dog-and-owner run, personalized beauty consultations and sustainable, and healthy, calorie-conscious menu items (including snacks, collagen supplements and organic teas) in all its on-site restaurants.

The integrated better-you program sees health and beauty as interrelated and rooted in internal values, so the itineraries are customized to create a 21-day challenge that is both attractive and doable for each client based on their specific goals and capabilities.

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