AMLO Writes Political Last Will and Testament

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the video in which he announced his political last will and testament. Photo:


After undergoing a cardiac catheterization one day earlier at the Military Hospital, leading to widespread concerns about his physical health, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) released an eight-minute video on Saturday, Jan. 22, confirming that he had written a “political last will and testament” to ensure “continued governability” in the nation in the case of his death.

“I have a political will,” he said in the video, which was recorded in his office at the National Palace and posted on his social networks after leaving the Military Hospital.

“The country is in a process of transformation, and I cannot act irresponsibly. In addition to my history of having had a heart attack and hypertension, my work is very intense, so there always exists the possibility of me losing my life.”

Notwithstanding, critics were quick to point out that long-existing Mexican institutions such as the Constitution and legislative and judicial systems are responsible for ensuring governability in the case of the death of the president.

AMLO went on to say that “governance has to be guaranteed,” and that a “political will” — the contents of which were not disclosed, nor the naming of who would take command if he died in office — was simply a formality that was “not real necessary,” given that, following the cardiac procedure, he had received authorization from his doctors to return to his normal life.

“I have a will,” he said, “but, fortunately, I think, it will not be needed and we will continue together.”

The president was hospitalized for 24 hours in the Military Hospital on Friday, Jan. 21, and returned to the National Palace the following morning.

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