Trending Beauty (What’s New, What Works)

Photo: Valerie Elash/Unsplash


Sky High Lashes

When it comes to lashes, volume and length draw attention to your eyes, but nothing helps to give your face quite as much of a lift as an upward-curling flutter of lashes.

Photo: Maybelline

With that in mind, Maybelline has just introduced a Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara.

This incredible new mascara lengthens and thickens lashes, but also directs them upward for a sky-high look. The secret to Sky High Mascara is its unique ultra-flexible silicon brush that catches every lash — even the very smallest ones — coating them from root to tip, and from inner eye to outer eye, to create a full eye-catching flutter that will make any woman the immediate focus of attention.

The exclusive Sky High formula has natural bamboo extract and extending fibers and glides easily over lashes without leaving clumps or bunchings.

Slick Shave

Hey, guys, now you can get a great, super-close shave while at the same time helping the environment.

Photo: Bulldog

Ditch the plastic and try Bulldog’s new bamboo razor with five tempered steel blades, an incorporated lubricating strip with aloe and a precision trimmer and pivoting design. The razor has a brushed metal head and a unique locking screw to replace the bamboo handle. And virtually every part of the razor — from the natural bamboo handle to the un-chromed metal components to the packaging — is made from fully recycled materials.

Bulldog also has a complete line of cruelty-free men’s grooming products for skin and hair, as well as a beard-taming collection with a beard shampoo-conditioner, a beard balm and beard oil.

Kicking Sailor Look

Stradivarius has just released its new spring/summer collection, with a kicking new look that intertwines two very different styles: marinier and cowboy.

Photo: Stradivarius

Mixing laid-back denim with glistening silver cowboy boots and bright navy and white sailor stripes, the look is striking and down-to-earth all at the same time. Stradivarius says that while the two styles are admittedly different, they share several common elements: their universality, eternal acceptance and versatility. This makes them perfect for mix and match styling with practically any wardrobe. The look incorporates two-tone striped T-shirts combined with jeans and cloth sailor coats, as well as retro buckaroo-style accessories such as boots and hats that go perfectly with leather pants.

Monochromatic silhouettes based on earthy beiges, nudes and off-whites are also present in the collection, accented with vivid acidic hues such as bright lime, the new color of the season.



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