Mexican Olympian Could Lose Most of his Federal Subsidy

Mexican Olympic figure skater Donovan Carrillo. Photo: Sputnik Mundo


Despite having qualified for the finals in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and being the first Mexican to compete in his sport in more than three decades, figure skater Donovan Carrillo could see his monthly government stipend drop from 30,000 pesos a month to just 6,000 pesos a month.

According to new tabulators of Mexico’s National Sports Commission (Conade), Carrillo could see his federal scholarship reduced by 80 percent, despite having advanced to the figure skating final ion Wednesday, Feb. 9, and scoring his highest results of the season,

Notwithstanding, Conade Director Ana Guevara could make an exception to the new ruling, but would have to evaluate “certain factors” in accordance with the commission’s rigid new statutes.

Under the new rulings, the amounts of the government scholarships range from 9.000 pesos a month for being in the 16th place to up to 55,000 pesos a month for the first place. By earning 22nd place, Carrillo would receive just 6,000 pesos a month.

Carrillo became the first Mexican to advance to a free routine at the Winter Olympics and broke a 30-year drought without a national in this discipline since 1992.

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