Childhood Cancer Survivors Receive Entrepreneur Awards

Photo: AMANC


A group of teens and young people who have survived childhood cancer and started their own independent economic endeavors got a boost on Thursday, March 3, when the Mexican Association for Children with Cancer (AMANC), led by its founder and president, Guadalupe Alejandre, rewarded three of them with financial prizes.

The three winners of the first AMANC Young Entrepreneur Competition received financial awards up to 80,000 pesos to help them start their new businesses.

The money was donated by private-sector corporations and the awards were presented in a ceremony hosted by AMANC and some of its sponsors at Mexico City’s Club de Industriales.

A total of 75 cancer survivors from 19 Mexican states participated in the competition, which was judged by a jury of five business analysts for their initiative and feasibility.

Pao Aldasoro Millán, from Xalapa, Veracruz, won the first place award of 80,000 pesos with her Les Perfectes project, which manufactures anatomically correct dolls for educational purposes.

Second prize went to Alexis Josué Nobles Cupido for a program he developed for physical therapy, and the third prize went to brothers Abdías Natanael Linares Liberato and Issac Yael Linares Liberato for a corn-based project.

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