The European Parliament in Strasbourg, Germany. Photo: European Parliament


The European Parliament on Thursday, March 10, called on the Mexican government to guarantee the protection of journalists and human rights defenders, noting that this year alone, seven reporters have already been murdered in the country.

In a resolution passed with 607 votes in favor, 2 against, and 73 abstentions, the European Parliament expressed concern over Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) frequent criticism of reporters, activists and publishers.

Mexico has long been the most dangerous and deadliest place for journalists outside of an official war zone.

“(Parliament) observes with concern the harsh and systematic criticism formulated by the highest authorities of the Mexican government against journalists and their work,” it said.

In a statement, the European Parliament said that the situation of violence against journalists in Mexico has deteriorated since the July 2018 elections, when AMLO was elected.

Since that date, it said, at least 47 journalists have been murdered and 95 percent of impunity prevails in the country for the murders of reporters.

The agency also assured that the constitutional reform initiatives of the current government raise doubts about the stability of the rule of law.

It also expressed concern about a proposal that seeks to limit the participation of civil society organizations that have financing from abroad.

In the statement, the 705-member European Parliament, the European Union’s only directly elected institution, specifically referred to the “populist rhetoric” that López Obrador uses in his morning conferences against activists and journalists.

“The rhetoric of abuse and stigmatization generates an environment of incessant agitation against independent journalists,” it said.

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