Photo: U.S. Embassy


Shots were fired just outside the U.S. consulate compound in the northern border town of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, late Sunday, March 13, immediately following the arrest of the high-ranking drug cartel leader, Juan Gerardo Trevino, alias “El Huevo,” authorities reported.

No embassy personnel were reported wounded.

The consulate is located next to a Mexican military base, which reportedly sustained some shooting damage.

Nuevo Laredo is directly across from the Texas town of Laredo and is the largest crossing points along the Texas-Mexico border.

Because of the shootings, the U.S. consulate advised its employees to stay indoors and urged all U.S. citizens to avoid the area.

According to local authorities, there was at least one collateral fatality caused by the shooting. No further information was provided.

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