Mexico Goes Green Nationwide on Covid Risk Traffic Light

Photo: Google


As of Monday, March 21, every single state in Mexico will be considered “green” for coronavirus infection under the national government’s pandemic risk traffic light program.

The green light rating, which qualifies a state as being low risk in terms of possible contagion of covid-19, will be in effect until April 3, when federal health officials will re-evaluate to determine if the green light rating will continue in each state.

Under the green light phase, most commercial and social activities are allowed to be reinstated with specific restrictions to ensure that the spread of the disease is controlled.

Meanwhile, both Asia and Europe are experiencing what they fear is yet another wave of covid-19 and in the United States, the government is exploring general authorization of a fourth booster vaccine against the disease.

In contrast, in Mexico, where, as of Sunday, March 20, there had been 5,633,928 confirmed covid cases and 322,072 covid deaths (although the real numbers are believed to be much higher), there are no plans (or budget) for a fourth booster and most minors are denied access to any covid -19 vaccinations.

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