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Gorilla Art Work

Kipling, the Belgian luggage and handbag brand with that cute little gorilla as its mascot, has just released its latest collection, Key Valley, with a variety of unisex pieces whose launching will be spaced out over the next few months.

Photo: Kipling

And in keeping with the spirit of spring renewal (especially after two years of social lockdown due to the global covid-19 pandemic), the first installment of the collection is bright and bold, with solid blocks of charcoal gray, light blue, navy and yellow fabric in easy-to-wear, easy-to-clean, stain-resistant blends that are suitable for both travel and every day urban jaunts.

There are also some whimsical new pieces are full of color and fantasy, from special Hello Kitty clutches to gotta-hit-the-waves tropical backpacks.

And each and every one of these new Kipling bags boasts a 100 percent recycled polyester lining as part of the ecological responsibility program that Kipling has been developing worldwide since 2020.

In keeping with its ongoing Live.Light corporate rebranding campaign to cater to a younger, more universal market, Kipling introduced it new collection in Mexico at its flagship store in Mexico City’s Perisur shopping mall with the unveiling of a brand new mural by street artist artist Georgina Gutiérrez. (Of course, the Kipling gorilla was the main subject of the mural)

Pulse News Mexico photo/Thérèse Margolis

The Perisur store is the third Kipling store in Mexico to have an original mural painting (the project began in 2019, but was suspended because of covid restrictions), and the idea is to offer the brand’s customers a holistic arts experience.

Founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 1987, Kipling is known for its lightweight fabric bags in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Kipling bags are sold in more than 80 countries internationally and can be found in more than 7,500 stores.

A Show of Self-Esteem

The avant-garde Mexican jewelry company Cristeros has just released its new unisex wristband, Toral, a stunning and sturdy 925 sterling silver bracelet with a thick braided metal weave and a solid circle with a cross at each end.

Photo: Cristeros

This resilient, statement-making piece is a reflection of inner strength and independence, a personal expression of the wearer, and can be worn alone or with other jewelry.

Toral is a word rooted in ancient Hispanic tradition, meaning that which is of greatest importance. And according to the designers, the concept of the new Cristeros wristband is to remind the wearer that, in the end, it is their own vision and values that must come first in their lives. (A modern-day take on the Shakespearian quote, “Above all else to thine own self be true.”)

The Toral band is intended to be a physical manifestation of self-esteem and sincere auto-admiration, without regard of what people will say.

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