US Ambassador Rebukes Mexico for Affinity with Russia

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar. Photo: Google


U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar reprimanded Mexico’s lower house Chamber of Deputies on Thursday, March 24, for launching a Mexico-Russia Friendship Group one day earlier with Moscow’s envoy Víktor Koronelli in tow.

Speaking before the same parliamentarians, Salazar said that in the midst of Russia’s brutal invasion into Ukraine, “this sort of endorsement” of the Vladimir Putin regime “cannot be taking place.”

Instead, he said, “the Mexican people should be showing solidarity with Ukraine and against Russia.”

“When a family is attacked, that family unites,” Salazar said.

“There can be no differences between Mexico and the United States. We all have to do the same thing that countries did during World War II.”

Salazar went on to say that in the face of such aggression, “we cannot tell ourselves that what is happening over there in the war does not affect us here in Mexico; it will affect us.”

He also said that “what Russia did to Ukraine constitutes an attack on freedom and against the way of life of all of us.”

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