Against Gertz, Supreme Court Grants Cuevas Morán Freedom

Alejandra Cuevas Morán following her release from prison on Monday, March 28. Photo: Google


After nearly two years behind bars after being accused of negligent homicide by Mexico’s Attorney General (FGR) – and the accused’s uncle – Alejandro Gertz Manero, the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) granted Alejandra Morán Cuevas her plain and simple release into freedom on Monday, March 28, annulling the warrant for her arrest ordered against her and her mother, Laura Morán, by Gertz in the process.

While Gertz had previously alleged that Morán, alongside Morán Cuevas, had committed negligent homicide against her husband (and Gertz’ brother) Federico, the SCJN found on Monday that there was no way for Morán to have acted differently in the situation leading up to her husband’s death, who passed away at the age of 82 in what coroners ruled as a heart attack stemming from a chronic heart condition. 

SCJN Minister Juan Luis González Alcántara then took the opportunity to recognize Gertz’ actions against Morán as a human rights violation, as she was prevented from receiving due process of the law.

Though Gertz – in what the family calls an abuse of his power and an attempt to extort Federico’s assets and possessions – did manage to put Morán’s daughter, Alejandra Morán Cuevas, in prison for almost two years, the SCJN likewise ruled Morán Cuevas’s imprisonment as unconstitutional, without evidence, and ordered her immediate release during Monday’s proceedings.

After a long-fought battle against their in-law relative, the Cuevas Morán family finally reunited on the SCJN steps in an emotional embrace.


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