Three People Shot Dead in Acapulco Restaurant

Photo: Google


Just two days after six decapitated heads of six missing men were found on top of a vehicle in the main square of the Guerrero town of Chilapa (along with a banner declaring that the plaza had an “owner” and that no consumption of crystal meth would be tolerated), at least two people were shot dead in plain daylight on an Acapulco, Guerrero, beach on Saturday, April 2.

The victims were killed by gunmen while dining in an open-air restaurant in Playa Manzanillo.

Two of the assailants were later shot by state government security agents, with one dying and one listed in critical condition

According to witnesses, the armed men arrived by boat at the Paseo del Pescador restaurant in the early afternoon, where they executed the two diners.

The shootings were recorded by tourists, who ran from the beach.

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