Singer Sasha Sokol Says ‘See You in Court’ to Producer over Abuse Claims

Mexican singer Sasha Sokol. Photo: Google


One month after Mexican singer Sasha Sokol publicly accused former Televisa producer Luis de Llano Macedo of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with her when she was just 14 years old, Sokol has refuted de Llano’s self-proclamation of innocence, calling the Televisa producer a liar and telling him, “I’ll see you in court.”

A former member of children’s band Timbiriche, Sokol was exposed to De Llano from a young age as the producer continually worked on the musical group’s recordings, which resulted in de Llano purportedly grooming Sokol into a relationship from the time she was 14, all the way until she became a legal adult at age 18. De Llano, a fully autonomous adult, was 39 when the abusive relationship allegedly first started.

“Yes, I had an affair with Sasha,” De Llano responded, retroactively positioning their relationship as an “affair” rather than an adult taking advantage of his position of power and abusing a young minor. “I fell in love, and she sent me to hell. It makes me very sad that instead of talking about Sasha for what she is now, we have to talk about a ‘poor little girl.’ It’s not true.”

Now, prompted be De Llano’s own retelling of the story, Sokol has taken to Twitter to defend herself and share her version of events once more.

“It’s been almost a month since my March 8 statement,” read Sokol’s words, likewise sharing educational material on the topic of adults grooming minors throughout the process. “I thought I wouldn’t have to talk about this anymore, but circumstances leave me no choice. Luis lies when he wants to involve my parents, saying that the relationship was ‘transparent.’ Nothing is further from the truth.”

The singer went on to say that her parents “found out about the relationship two years after it started.”

“I reiterate: When it started, I was 14; when they found out I was approaching 16. How could they have consented to something they didn’t know existed? Of course, my mother considered suing Luis de Llano criminally. The lawyers dissuaded her with the same arguments that inhibit so many people from defending themselves from abuse: lack of adequate legislation, stigmatization, fear, shame. My mother chose to confront Luis and he promised to stay away from me.”

Now, Sokol has one simple message left for De Llano: “See you in court.”

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