Italian Design, Gastronomy Showcased in Ángela Peralta Theater

Pulse News Mexico photo/Melissa T. Castro


As part of the ongoing program launched earlier this year by Mexico City’s Miguel Hidalgo Mayor Mauricio Tabe to bolster international cultural exchange, the Italian Embassy in Mexico and the municipal government offered a festival of design and gastronomy inside the Ángela Peralta Theater in Colonia Polanco’s Lincoln Park on Sunday, April 10.

ristina Maria Cialona, left, and Antonietta di Pasquale of Maria 138. Pulse News Mexico photo/Melissa T. Castro

The festival, which was open to the general public free of charge, included a parade of iconic classic Italian cars and motorcycles, and exhibits of Italian jewelry and circular fashion, as well as a sampling of haute Italian food and wine. There was also a performance by the Bepi d’Amato e Tony Pancella Quartet and stands selling Italian products.

The daylong festival was timed to coincided with Italian Design Day, an annual theme-based review launched in 2017 by Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (Farnesina), in collaboration with the European country’s Ministry of Culture to highlight Italy’s outstanding design and creativity and help promote exports.

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