Mexico City, Edomex Water Cutoffs Slated for End of Week

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Running water service in parts of both Mexico City and the State of Mexico (Edoméx) will be suspended from the morning of Wednesday, April 27, through the afternoon of Friday, April 29, in order to conduct repairs along the Tláhuac branch of municipal aquaduct, Mexico’s National Water Commission (Conagua) announced Monday, April 25.

In a press release Monday evening, Conagua said that the repair work will cause a reduction in water delivery of around 550 liters per second to Mexico City and 220 liters per second to the State of Mexico.

“This will represent a reduction of 3.5 percent of what is delivered in block to these two entities,” said Conagua.

The work will be carried out in a section of the aqueduct, and it will be necessary to “suspend the operation of the branch and, consequently, the delivery of drinking water in bulk that is sent by the La Caldera  pumping plant,” which provides potable water to various areas of the country’s capital and the State of Mexico.

The municipal water system that has been operating for 45 years and is eroding due to poor upkeep.

Conagua called on residents in the affected areas  to try to limit their use of water and to “take the necessary provisions for the cuts.”

According to Conagua, the areas of Mexico City that will be most affected by the cutoffs will be in the eastern municipality of Iztapalapa.

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