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It seems like Mexico City and Paris are in a constant toe-to-toe competition to determine which city has the greatest number of museums.

Independent of which is in first place, if you live in or are close to Mexico City, you know the great luxury of being in a city of museums.

Mexico’s museums were hard-hit during the pandemic, especially the private ones.

A great annual event is 101 Museos México, giving those who are up for the challenge, the chance to visit as many of the capital’s museums as possible.

Do you have a teen at home from whom you get a response of “that’s boring” to every activity you suggest?

This might be one activity for teens old enough to be out on their own to sink their teeth into, since this event requires group participation with teams of two to four.

Challengers are issued a “passport” and the prizes are motivating, not just for teens, but adults as well: over 300,000 pesos.

While public museums are free for seniors and students, the costs could add up for younger couples.

This challenge could be ideal for couples who want to get out and about, or for creating a weekly date night, taking advantage of the rich cultural heritage of one of the greatest cities in the world.

Currently, 40 public and private  museums have confirmed participation and that number should rise to about 100, the goal.

If the team captain has a passport, it will cost 400 pesos for two people, 600 pesos for three people and 800 pesos for four people, a great deal for admission to so many museums.

You can also win instant prizes by searching for the QR codes that will be hidden in various participating museums.

The concept is very much that of a rally, carried out in the context of the celebration of International Museum Day, which falls on May 18, under the slogan of “the power of museums.”

The competition’s webpage link offers more details to participate as well as an updated list of participating museums.

And, hey, even if you don’t win the money, you will no doubt come away with a broader knowledge of Mexican culture and a greater appreciation for Mexico City’s vast museum portfolio.

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