First Mexican Cryptocurrency Launched in Michoacán

Photo: Axen Capital


Axen Capital, a Mexican-based new generation financial and exchange group, launched the first-ever Mexican cryptocurrency on Friday, April 19.

Axen Capital founder and CEO Dante Eludier. Photo: Axen Capital

The new currency, call AxenCoin, was introduced during a colorful technology ceremony in Morelia, Michoacán, by Axen Capital founder and CEO Dante Eludier, with the new tender being made available for sale as of Saturday, April 30, at a price of $10 dollars per unit.

By the end of the day, the AxenCoin unit price had exceeded $300.

To encourage investment in AxenCoin, the company has guaranteed returns of 0.025 percent every 15 minutes, thanks to a compound interest scheme that can be monitored in real time through the company’s website.

“At the moment, AxenCoin is available as an investment instrument. However, our goal is to popularize its usability so that people can shop with the currency in department stores. Our objective is to decentralize the Mexican economy and end intermediaries, that is, the banks,” said Eludier during the launching ceremony.

With a base of more than 2,700 clients who have, Eludier said, already expressed interest in acquiring the new cryptocurrency, Axen Capital said that AxenCoin has a reserve of 3.2 billion units.

“It is important to note that in addition to cryptocurrency, we got the quality BlockChain technology validators,” he said.  “The development of our cryptocurrency took more than two years of study and is the result of a unique technology.”

AxenCoin was designed by the Mexican Karla Pacheco, and bears an inscription in binary code. It can currently be stored in the MetaMask wallet.

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