10 Cellos Concert to Blend Bach with Bad Bunny

Photo: Maritza Ríos/Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de México


The long-awaited premiere of “Ten Cellos, in Concert” will be presented on Saturday, June 11, at Mexico City’s University Cultural Center, with a diverse repertoire ranging from Johann Sebastian Bach to Bad Bunny.

The musicians of the Philharmonic of the Arts always surprise their audience, allowing them to remain current and full of ideas that fascinate.

Photo: Maritza Ríos/Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de México

“Ten Cellos, in concert,” produced by Enrique Abraham Velez Godoy and Diego Careaga Medina, offers a novel proposal that highlights the sound beauty of one of the most noble and admired instruments: the cello, which is considered to be the most similar to the human voice.

Similar to a violin, but larger in size, the cello covers four and a half octaves of low and high sounds with a vast wide variety of effects and timbre combinations.

The instrument’s versatility of rhythms offers a repertoire for all musical tastes, masterfully intertwining the classic with the modern.

Attendees to the concert will be able to immerse themselves in a sound journey embarking Ave Maria, Summer, Libertango, For a Head, Bésame Mucho, Nothing Else Matters, Señorita, Rolling in the Deep, Huapango and authors such as Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Vivaldi and Mexico’s own José Pablo Moncayo.

The musicians for this concert will be Alejandro Cejudo, Denia Moreno, Mireya Hurtado and Guillermo Olivo, all of whom are members of the Philharmonic of the Arts. In addition there will be guest performers, including Luis Capilla, Karla Lugo, José Manuel Tapia, Georgy Diorditsa, Xiu Valdivia and Laura Salgado.

“Ten Cellos, in concert” will take place on Saturday, June 11, at 6 p.m. in the Fra Angélico Auditorium of the CUC University Cultural Center, located at 35 Odontology at the Copilco University in Coyoacán. Tickets cost 300 pesos each and are available on the orchestra’s website.


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