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At least 11 people were found dead and 33 more were reported missing in the Mexican state of Oaxaca on Tuesday, May 31, as a consequence of Hurricane Agatha, which hit landfall Monday, May 30.

According to the Oaxaca Coordination of Civil Protection of Oaxaca (CEPCO), in San Carlos Yautepec, at least one person disappeared after having been drug away by the current of the Asunción Tlacolulita River.

In the town of Santa Catarina Xanaguia, in San Juan Ozolotepec, another two people were buried in a landslide.

CEPCO also reported that in San Miguel del Puerto, Huatulco, the Copalita River overflowed and swept four people away.

And in San Mateo Piñas, one person was reportedly buried in a landslide.

People were also reported swept away by a river on the highway to La Herradura in the Paso Limón Community of Santa María Huatulco.

Agatha, which reached Category 2 strength, was the first hurricane of the season and the worse to hit the southern Oaxaca coast.

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