The Terraza Vitrales rooftop restaurant at the Hotsson Long Stay Suites Hotel in Mexico city. Photo: Hotsson Long Stay Suites


Up until just recently, the idea of long-stay hotels in Mexico was relatively alien.

If you were planning a trip of a week or more, you could either rent a fleabag with so-so accommodations and dubious amenities such as an only-works-once-in-a-while washing machine or not-very-reliable internet service, or pay full-fair for a standard hotel room that might have a minibar but little else.

Yes, there were always Airbnbs, which, depending on your luck of the draw, could be fantastic getaway homes with all the amenities included, or tiny, rundown holes-in-the-walls with lukewarm running water and a hotplate instead of a real stove. And you never really knew what you were getting until you got there.

But with the influx of nearly 3 million U.S. and Canadian digital nomads (work-from-homers who have taken their show on the road and gone international) since the start of the covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, and a growing demand for national business travelers who need more than a couple days in town to get the job done, the smart folks at Hotsson Hotels decided it was high time to give long-stay hotels a serious upgrade in Mexico.

And with that, the HS Hotsson Long Stay Suites Hotel in Mexico City was born.

Located in the heart of the capital’s booming Colonia Tacubaya, and equipped with full kitchens (including a full-size refrigerator and a real stove), modern washer-dryer units, spacious dining areas, lush, king-size beds, pressure rain shower heads and bathroom amenities from Mexico’s most exclusive design house, Pineda Covalín, these high-end luxury suites take extended-stay hotel living to a whole new level.

Part of the Mexican-owned HS Hotels Group of Grupo Capitali, Hotsson Long Stay Suites Hotel officially opened its doors in April of this year, and while that opening was relatively soft, with little in the way of promotion or fanfare, within just three months it was already operating at about 60 percent capacity of its 103 luxury suites.

“We went out of our way to accommodate our guests, so all of the rooms are large and airy, with great views of the city and plenty of space to spread out, as well as a full-size desk for work,” the hotel’s general manager, Bernardo Corral Mateos, told Pulse News Mexico.

And sparing no expense, the Guanajuato-based Grupo Capitali consortium poured more than 340 million pesos into upgrading the stately 18th century Art Deco property that houses the hotel (along with several floors of private apartments and a budding new shopping mall).

The building itself is part of the erstwhile country home of the Mier y Pesado family, founders of the Banco de México, and was designed by Juan Sordo Madaleno, the father of modern Mexican architecture.

While carefully preserving the grace and elegance of the original building, the Grupo Capitali has breathed new life into the spacious structure with understated contemporary designs in soft ivory, charcoal gray and regal purple.

“But it’s not just the rooms and décor that make that make Hotsson Long-Stay Suites so special. Where we really excel is in our restaurants,” said Corral Mateos.

There are two restaurants on site, the Terraza Vitrales, an open-24-hours-a-day rooftop bistro on the eighth floor, and the upscale Revolución 67 on the ground floor, specializing in Mediterranean food.

“We brought in an expert chef and offer gourmet cuisine round the clock in our Terraza Vitrales because we want to offer our guests something beyond the standard humdrum fare offered at most hotels.”

Recognizing that there are only so many late-night club sandwiches that a person can stomach on a business trip, Terraza Vitrales offers an ample haute cuisine bill of fare, with dishes like smoked salmon with soya sauce marinade and truffles, and grilled corning game hens with asparagus and candied carrots.

There is also a daily breakfast buffet that caters to every culinary whim and a Sunday brunch buffet with all-you-can-eat fresh seafood and slow-roasted beef.

The hotel also has two well-equipped meeting rooms on the third floor, property-wide high-speed internet with an independent router in each suite, and will soon offer free access to a nearby gymnasium.

“We are basically a long-stay business hotel, but we try to accommodate all our guests, so people who are traveling with children can have the sofa in their suite made into a bed, and our concierge will help guests who want to know how to get to a museum or other tourist site,” said Corral Mateos.

“Of course, no hotel can be all things to all people, but we are certainly trying to be. And, so far, we seem to be doing just that.”

The HS Hotsson Long Stay Suites Hotel is located at Avenida Revolución 67, in Colonia Tacubaya (tel: 558844-0101).

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