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During his daily morning press conference held on the morning of Thursday, June 30, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) referred to Mexican advertising executive Carlos Alazraki as “a follower of Adolf Hitler’s thought” in spite of Alazraki being Jewish and an active member of Mexico’s Jewish community, sparking criticism over AMLO’s alleged antisemitism.

Implying a person of the Jewish faith is in any way a follower of Hitler’s ideologies is not only offensive .but an erasure of the past, ignoring the fact that more than 6 million Jews were murdered underneath Hitler’s genocidal Nazi Germany regime due to their Jewish ethnicity not fitting into Hitler’s eugenics-driven Aryan ideal.

This isn’t AMLO’s first time publicly declaring Alazraki a Nazi. One day earlier, on Wednesday, June 29, López Obrador responded to Alazraki’s criticism of the newly-constructed Felipe Ángeles International Airport’s (AIFA) migration irregularities, saying “we have had differences with him for a long time, he is like a Hitler.”

AMLO used Thursday’s press conference as an opportunity to expand on Wednesday’s remarks and share a video of Alazraki from the publicist’s self-run YouTube channel. The video in question shows Alazraki speaking with former Tabasco Governor and López Obrador rival Roberto Madrazo about what opposition parties to AMLO’s leftist National Regeneration Movement (Morena) can do to surpass Morena’s government representation through the electoral process.

“Since no one hired me, I can say it calmly, I have the solution: This campaign is not won with advertising, it is won with propaganda, and the more lies you can come up with against Morena, the better you´ll do,” said Alazraki in the video, a statement AMLO then superfluously compared to the theory of Nazi propaganda leader Joseph Goebbels. “Morena is won with lies.”

Alazraki’s words were not without reason. AMLO’s Morena has become well known for disseminating propaganda in its favor and against opponents throughout the republic, oftentimes completely ignoring electoral laws and constitutional provisions to do so. 

López Obrador used Thursday’s press conference to double down on his Nazi accusations and to say that he has “many Jewish friends,” a common debate fallacy meant to distance a perpetrator from perceived racism. However, as widely agreed upon by socioracial experts, a close proximity to minority races or ethnicities does not absolve an aggressor from guilt or accountability for their actions or words.

“I respect the Jewish community a lot,” said AMLO at the time. “I have very good friends in the Jewish community . They are exceptional, builders, hard-working people, good people, but that does not mean that the entire community has a free pass to be able to damage a transformation movement just for its ideals, its thought, its conservatism and, I repeat, its Hitlerism.”

Though AMLO is supposedly – and by his own designation – a “president of the people,” the executive’s repeated antisemetic remarks about his fellow Mexican patriots demonstrates just how far removed from this supposed tolerance López Obrador truly is.

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