Mexico’s Toluca International Airport (AIT). Photo: Google


As the controversy between the operations of Mexico City’s International (AICM) and the newly constructed Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) carries on, the capital metropolitan area’s Toluca International Airport (AIT) – often considered Mexico City’s main alternative airport – has now offered up to 80 percent discounts on airport fees for airlines willing to fly out of the State of Mexico (EdoMéx) facility.

According to AIT Director Hugo Delgado, Toluca will offer up to 80 percent off airport fees for five years and a 47 percent decrease in Airport Use Fees (TUA) for airlines that commit to flying out of AIT. Delgado stated that the offer will extend to all Mexican airlines, but will not cover international carriers.

“Commercial incentives are fundamentally homogeneous and fair for all airlines that want to fly in this airport, as it is based on the TUA and airport services,” said Delgado at the time.

While the AIT formerly transported 4 million passengers per year out of its facilities, the 2014 bankruptcy of Mexicana de Aviación caused most of the airport’s operations to move to the AICM and left the Toluca facility largely unused. Now, under Delgado’s leadership, the AIT aims to reenter commercial airlines operations, especially as contention over the viability of the AIFA as an AICM alternative continues to mount.

“This is an agreement of the TUA, of the airport costs, of promotion, of generation,” continued Delgado. “If you compare it in terms of TUA, Toluca is 50 percent cheaper than the AICM, and 45 percent cheaper than the AIFA, and that is what we are at.”

Volaris returned to the airport on Friday, July 1, carrying out 14 operations in its first day – more flights than the AIFA operated on the very same day – and reportedly were at 85 percent capacity throughout.

VivaAerobus is expected to join Volaris at the AIT beginning on July 28 with three flights a day, and is expected to expand its services in the airport come September. 

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