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Summertime in Mexico means a little bit of every season every day.

The day may start off warm and springy and turn sweltering hot by mid-afternoon.

Then a sudden thunderstorm can bring temperatures down to sweater weather, or, if there is a breeze, even winter chills.

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All those temperature shifts throughout the day can take a heavy toll on skin and hair, so this is a time when you need to indulge your face and body and protect them from the whims of the weather.

Face Masks for All

A good, skin-purifying facial mask is one way to ensure that your complexion gets deep-down clean and replenished with lots of natural vitamins and other nutrients.

The Korean brand Skin Sense (Koreans have always been lightyears ahead of everyone else when it comes to skincare) has a full range of disposal sheet masks suitable for every skin type.

These super convenient, easy-to-pack, single-use masks allow you to pamper yourself at home and or when you’re traveling (airplane air and time zone shifts can wreak havoc on even the most perfect complexions), while targeting specific problems like dryness and visible pores.

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Start with a Skin Sense Bubble Sheet Mask witch hazel, sage and melissa leaf extracts to clean and tone, and follow up with a nourishing mask especially suited to your skin type.

Skin Sense has a charcoal-based sheet mask for oil skin, a honey-based sheet mask for mixed skin types and a cucumber-based sheet mask for dry skin.

Just sit back and relax while your soak in the tub or read a book, and let Skin Sense do all the work. Then remove the tissue mask and, presto, your entire face will look and feel radiant and healthy.

Get Down and Dirty

And don’t forget to indulge the rest of your body.

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Dirty Works’ new Fountain of Juice Body Wash and Jelly Berry Body Lotion are bursting with delicious fruity scents and skin-pampering cranberry, strawberry and blueberry.

Dirty Works Fountain of Juice Body Wash not only smells great, but is packed with skin-softening ingredients like aloe vera juice and sugar cane that will leave your body begging for more (time in the tub or shower, that is). And after you bathe, be sure to slather on plenty of Dirty Works Jelly Berry Body Gel, to keep that yummy fruity tingle. Enriched with forest berries, lemon and orange peel for a juicy pick-me-up, as well as sweet almond oil to shield against the elements, this lightweight, quick-absorbing  lotion quenches thirsty skin and leaves you hydrated and sweet-smelling all day long.

Lip Service

Last of all, don’t forget your lips.

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A little chap-care can go a long way to keep your pucker full and smooth (which translates into “kissable”). Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Healing has white petroleum to protect and nourish, and it is fragrance free. The white petroleum, which is complemented by hydrating glycerin and vitamin E, locks in moisture so lips feel better both immediately and over time.

Vaseline also has a Clinical Care Hand Cream + Anti-Bac moisturizing hand cream that doubles as a germ protector, especially handy in times of covid-19. And the non-breakable, 75-milligram tube is easy to slip into your purse or backpack for frequent reapplications.

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