Workers outside the Dos Bocas refinery. Photo: Google


Just 12 days after the inauguration of the first construction stage” of Mexico’s controversial Dos Bocas refinery, approximately 200 laborers contracted to work on the Tabasco-based project protested their unjustified dismissal from the project outside of the under-construction refinery’s gate on Wednesday, July 13.

According to the protestors, the workers were initially hired by  Control Ingeniería y Medición, S.A. de C.V (COIMSA) for the project, and later fired without advance warning and a severance fee of just 3,000 pesos.

The former Dos Bocas workers expressed concerns that they would not receive their severance pay, claiming that their previously terminated coworkers had not yet received the promised payout.

The protesting workers went on to reveal that site management would not allow them to pass by the refinery to pick up their work tools following their termination.

The ongoing protest only contributes to Dos Bocas enduring problems, which was inaugurated in 2022 despite not being slated to function until 2026, as it continues to exceed its designated budgetary expenditure


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