Photo: FASMA


The first-ever edition of the San Miguel de Allende Arts Festival (FASMA) opened with a spectacular citywide street carnival on Friday, Aug. 12.

Photo: FASMA

The 10-day festival in the Mexican state of Guanajuato located just 274 kilometers from Mexico City, is intended to showcase the San Miguel’s premiere artists and cultural performers for both national and international visitors.

In addition to the open-air carnival, which included acts by street artists, acrobats and circus performers, the opening night included a performance of Andrea Brook’s “Sonic Butterfly” acoustical harp, with 15-meter strings that towered over the audience in San Miguel’s main plaza.

The festival, which will run through Sunday, Aug. 21, and which is being sponsored by the Casa Europa Mexico Foundation, along with local businesses, will include more than 70 activities of plastic arts, photography, music, theater and literature.

An international tourist destination and home to one of Mexico’s largest expat communities, San Miguel de Allende is a UNESCO-designated protective town and World Heritage Site since 2008.



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