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The “Real Thing” just got costlier this week in Mexico, when Coca-Cola Femsa bottlers announced on Monday, Aug. 15, that it was raising the price of its beverages by 1 peso per bottle or can.

And as if that were not enough to hit your daily allowance pocketbook, next time you ask “Got Milk?” an affirmative answer will mean you will have to shell out more for that white-moustache smile.

Inflation in food and beverage prices continues unabated in Mexico, and frequent price hikes are hitting some of the most commonly consumed goods.

Both Lala, the nation’s largest milk distributor, and Coca-Cola reported that, as of this week, most of their products will undergo a price hike in most of their presentations.

Lala increased the cost of at least 16 products — mainly milk and dairy products — by between .90 pesos and 1.90 pesos.

The two-liter Nutri Entera dairy product now costs 35.90 pesos, up from its previous price of 34 pesos, that is, 1.90 pesos more.

And a liter of Lala lactose-free light milk now costs 24.40 pesos, a .90-peso increase over last week’s price.

A liter of Lala whole milk now goes for 19.40 pesos, compared to 18 pesos last week.

And it’s not just Lala that is hiking the cost of moo juice.

According to figures from Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), in July the nationwide cost of pasteurized and fresh milk rose 13.2 percent year-on-year, compared to 2021, the highest increase since December 1999, when it rose by 16.2 percent.

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola suppliers reported last week that 21 brand products would go up at least one peso as of Thursday, Aug. 18.

Among these products are Coca-Cola and Agua Ciel.

Coca-Cola Femsa bottlers previous increased the costs of their soft drinks in June of this year.


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