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A group of armed men subdued and interrogated what is presumed to be four police officers from the municipality of Concepción de Buenos Aires in the Mexican state of Jalisco, who they recorded and forced to confess alleged links with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

The video, which has since been circulated on social media networks, showed the interrogation of the four individuals, who could be seen kneeling and clad in municipal police uniforms.

At one point in the video clip, one of the captors demanded the police officers name the municipal police chiefs who are allegedly linked to the CJNG, which he referred to as “the four letters.”

“The name of the directors is Mari Martínez and Joel Mora,” replied the police officer. “Joel Mora is from the (municipality of) Mananilla de la Paz, and Mari is from Concepción de Buenos Aires.”

The interrogator then asked if the names mentioned by the police officer were the ones in charge of sending them to “monitor cruise ships,” and the policeman answered yes, but only “when the government and the Army enters.” The video clip lasts just 28 seconds, and the armed individuals do not identify themselves as part of any criminal group.

Although the video clip started to be circulated as early as the morning of Tuesday, Aug. 16, there has yet to be any comment from the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office.

According to a report in Mexican daily newspaper Reforma, the incident occurred a month ago, and the police officers have since been released.

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