Mexican Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera. Photo: Google


According to a report published by the Latin American online newspaper Infobae on Wednesday, Aug. 17, Mexican Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera may currently be under investigation by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for allegedly involvement in laundering drug money.

Infobae said that the investigation into the cardinal was linked to a separate investigation into Mexican businessman Fernando Peyro de la O, also for alleged drug money laundering.

Peyro de la O is an alleged friend and protégé of Rivera Carrera.

Allegedly, the FBI has incriminating recordings dating from April 2019 of Peyro de la O inside an apartment in Santa Fe, Mexico City, that link him to drug dealers.

In addition to explaining and offering methods to launder money through banks, insurers and companies in the United States, Mexico, Spain and Italy, in the recordings, Peyro de la O allegedly boasted about his close friendship with the cardinal, one of the most influential religious leaders in the country, who allegedly would also participate in criminal acts.

Purportedly, the cardinal and the businessman have maintained a close friendship for many years, taking trips together and also talking by phone several times a day.

Faced with the Infobae report, the cardinal said that he was no longer giving interviews to the media.

Meanwhile, the FBI has refused to confirm or deny the investigation into his alleged illegal activities.


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