Photo: México Suena a lo Grande


Many foreigners know Mexico for its lively mariachi and tapatio music, both of which have gained world recognition, along with its powerful corridos norteños, passionate romantic ballads and hypnotic salsa music.

But Mexico also excels in the world of classic music, boasting some of most important tenors and sopranos on the international stage today.

From Placido de Domingo to Fernando de la Mora, Mexican tenors have dominated the world’s opera halls and classical music venues for more than half a century.

Now, as part of a monthlong celebration of Mexico’s 1810 independence from Spain, the government of Puebla will present a concert of three of the country’s most respected tenors — Fernando de la Mora, Javier Camarena and Ramón Vargas — at the state’s capital city’s Metropolitan Auditorium, on Friday, Sept. 9.

The one-night-only concert is appropriately titled “México Suena a lo Grande” (“The Big Sounds of Mexico”), since the trio of tenors will be accompanied by the Puebla Symphony Orchestra, along with the Normalista Choir and the Symphonic Band of the state’s Secretariat of Public Security, plus the Gran Mariachi Vargas and the Los Panchos Trio.

The program will include both traditional and operatic works, plus a selection of Mexican boleros and mariachi music.

There will also be a homage to the late Mexican ranchera singer Vicente Fernández, who died in December at age 81.

The Metropolitan Auditorium is located on Calle Sirio and Osa Mayor in Atlixcáyotl in downtown Puebla City.

Tickets for the tenor concert, which can be purchased through Ticketmaster or at the auditorium itself, are priced between 400 pesos and 5,000 pesos, depending on seating.



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