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A group of disgruntled former workers of Mexicana de Aviación Airlines, which went belly up in 2010, blocked access to Terminal 1 of the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) on Monday, Sept. 5, after having been forcefully removed from the premises four days earlier by members of the Mexican Navy.

The workers, who had been protesting their dismissal by the airlines without their promised pensions and severance pay with a presence at the AICM since 2011, maintained that their demonstration was legal, but military authorities said that they had no right to be inside the airport premises.

Their new protest, just outside the Terminal 1 airport building, created chaos and complications for both arriving and departing passengers.

But Army and Navy representatives said that the group had been illegally occupying 1,444 square meters of airport space on the ground floor of Terminal 1 building, where 37 counters of Mexicana de Aviación were once operated.

Under Mexican President Andrés Manual López Obrador (AMLO), the AICM, which was previously operated by civilian organizations, fell under the domain of the military in 2021.



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